Attracting more candidates has never been so easy

Apli helps you dramatically increase applicant volumes by engaging a much larger pool of passive candidates potential talent and boost candidate inflow with tailored social media and search ads.

Proactively market your job openings to high-potential audiences instead of just posting on job boards and waiting for people to apply to proactively marketing jobs. Apli provides a powerful sourcing engine to attract and engage top talent with a stellar candidate experience.
More qualified candidates
Less time to fill a job
Lower cost per hire


Reach more qualified candidates

With active job seekers representing only 30% of the global workforce, most companies need to engage passive candidates to achieve their hiring goals. Apli attracts high-potential candidates with paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google which can reach millions of targeted people per week.


A precise talent marketing engine

Apli reaches high-potential candidates segmented by location

...and similarity to your best performing employees. From IT to customer service to sales, Apli learns from past campaigns to improve conversion and optimize budgets for future campaigns.


Stand out in a competitive talent landscape

Apli’s expert in-house creative team crafts appealing ads aligned with your brand. By split-testing different messages, Apli finds the value proposition that maximizes response rates and achieves the lowest cost per hire.


Measure your full recruiting funnel

Track sourcing effectiveness with real-time analytics on campaign performance, candidate applications and funnel conversion. Get a deeper understanding of who your candidates are, what % get rejected by each filter and where interested candidates abandon the process. Then, optimize and grow.


Evaluate and improve your value proposition

Apli’s machine learning models analyze candidates’ social media comments to identify the pros and cons of your job offer topics that they care about (e.g. compensation, working hours or location), giving you actionable recommendations to improve your value proposition.


More AI-powered recruiting solutions for you

Recruiting bots

Custom bots automatically qualify leads and schedule interviews with the designated recruiters.

Assessments + Talent Analytics

Identify the skills and personality traits that predict on-the-job performance and profile new candidates accordingly.


Fast-track new hires with interactive content and offer personalized responses to their employee satisfaction surveys.


It is time!

To boost your candidate sourcing through proactive outreach. Tell us about your hiring needs and discover how Apli can help you recruit great talent at scale.
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