Automate your recruiting workflow with bots

Apli’s custom bots generate candidate profiles, qualify applicants, schedule interviews with the designated recruiters and collect documents. Guaranteeing an engaging, bias-free hiring process every time.

Recruiting time saved
More offers per screened candidate
Return on investment


Connect through conversation

Our bots engage candidates at scale, handling thousands of simultaneous conversations 24/7 in multiple languages with online chats that replicate a structured interview with an expert human recruiter. When your screening is standardized and automated, you can implement strategic hiring decisions or process improvements instantly.

Workflow Automation

Empower your recruiters with artificial intelligence

Apli’s bot automates resume skimming, phone screens and interview coordination, so your recruiters can focus on in-depth interviews and closing high potential candidates.


Deliver a great candidate experience every time

Apli’s bot is powered by insights from tens of millions of interviews. It sells your job opening and highlights the employer value proposition, applies selection filters without bias and provides immediate feedback to candidates.


Interview self-scheduling

Qualified applicants instantly schedule their in-person interview. To maximize attendance, the bot sends interview reminders and instructions via chat and email.


Liberate your team from paperwork

Empower your recruiters to focus on their most valuable work while the bot gathers missing contract information and candidate documents to send to your HRIS.


Measure the candidate experience

Automatic surveys gather feedback from new hires to detect potential gaps in your recruiting process and understand how to improve the candidate experience.


More AI-powered recruiting solutions for you

Candidate sourcing

Boost applicant volumes by engaging passive candidates with social media and search ads.

Assessments + Talent Analytics

Profile candidates in depth without leaving the bot and learn which skills and personality factors predict on-the-job performance.


Fast-track new hires with interactive content and gather employee feedback across their entire lifecyle with pulse surveys.


It is time...

To streamline your candidate [application journey / selection] with process automation and AI. Tell us about your hiring needs and discover how Apli can help you recruit great talent at scale.

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