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From candidate sourcing and screening to interview coordination, Apli automates recruiting so you can hire better and faster

More qualified candidates
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Recruiting Reinvented...

Instead of competing for the minority of applicants on job boards, Apli advertises your job to millions of potential candidates on social media. Our chatbots screen candidates at scale, applying customizable assessments and coordinating interviews - in a single streamlined conversation. And with machine learning, our automatic screening improves with every hire.

Automate screening with AI

Consistently select talent who will perform better and longer based on their similarity with your best employees.

Source more qualified candidates

Engage your candidates from jobs portals and attract additional candidates through social media. Apli targets audiences similar to your best performers with Facebook and Instagram ads, converting up to 200 qualified candidates per day.

Guarantee effective onboarding

Ensure a consistent onboarding journey for every new hire, from welcome videos, trainings, supervisor check-ins to employee satisfaction surveys and exit interviews. Deliver immediate and personalized responses to critical situations in order to prevent employee turnover.

A delightful candidate experience

Show off your employer brand with attractive social media ads, engaging conversational job descriptions and embedded videos. And empower candidates to apply anytime, anywhere with a mobile-friendly application that feels like a chat with an expert human recruiter.

Candidate Chatbot

Intuitive and powerful conversational applications

Candidates are screened by a bot that mimics a structured interview with an expert recruiter. Pre-screening, assessments, interview coordination, document gathering and onboarding happen in one frictionless conversation in a single candidate interface.


Built-in skills assessments and video interviewing

In addition to role-specific filters, customize your screening with psychometric tests, soft and hard skills assessments, video interviews, document checks and more  —  without leaving Apli’s chatbot.


Streamlined interview coordination

Qualified candidates book their own interview at the closest location, selecting from a real-time view of open slots. Apli’s bot follows up with interview preparation tips and interactive maps.


Integrate your HR software

Apli seamlessly integrates with the most popular ATS, HRIS and collaboration software including Success Factors, Cornerstone, Workday, Slack and G-Suite. We also support integrations with custom-built HR systems without APIs through Robotic Process Automation.


Ready for the world…

Apli also works in countries where candidates do not have resumes or emails and Internet access is mostly mobile. Our chatbot is available in the world’s most popular languages.


Trusted by some of the world’s largest employers:

“Apli enabled us to achieve our ambitious hiring targets of thousands per month and accelerate our retail expansion”

Marco Cortez,
OXXO 2025 Transformation Initiative

“Apli has boosted our recruiters productivity and increased both candidate volumes and quality

Paulina Soriano,
Cinepolis Global Recruiting Manager

“Apli has solved a real problem: how to make high-volume recruiting simple, light touch and data-driven.”

Leonardo Ocaña,
GNP Commercial Director


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