Powerful insights across the employee journey

Identify and address critical moments with Apli’s surveys, triggered by Keep your interview feedback, onboarding milestones, and exit interviews.

Lower turnover after implementing survey insights.
Higher response rates than traditional surveys
Automation of response collection and analysis


Surveys across the employee lifecycle, on autopilot

Apli´s HRIS integrations trigger feedback requests based on status changes or events such as onboarding, role change and exit. E.g. customizable onboarding surveys cover topics such as role clarity, training quality and manager support. Exit surveys (dive deep/provide visibility/shed light) into reasons for leaving. With actionable insights at every employee milestone, you can prevent turnover before it happens.


Empathetic, two-way conversations at scale

As opposed to unidirectional traditional employee surveys which just ask for employee inputs, Apli lets your team know their voice is being heard with customizable answers that let them know what your company is doing to address their concerns.


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Assessments + Talent Analytics

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It is time to gain employee insights that drive change

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