Improve hiring quality with automated assessments and AI

Stop guessing and start making data-driven hiring decisions. Apli’s Talent Analytics identifies your company’s performance drivers and uses them to identify the best talent for your team.

Built-in psychometric and skills assessments
More offers per screened candidate
Prediction accuracy for performance and turnover


Profile your candidates in depth

Resumes only tell part of the story. With Apli, candidates take a simple and fun 20-minute assessment based on the latest Organizational Psychology research before being scheduling their interview. The test covers the 6 main personality factors and the most sought-after soft skills including teamwork, leadership and initiative. If you require additional competencies, we can customize the assessment.


Find the predictors of success at your company

By applying our assessments to existing employees and correlating their results with performance and tenure, Apli’s machine learning models identify the skills that predict success at your company. You will unlock the talent insights that your team needs to make aligned hiring and talent management decisions.


Make the right hire, every time

Take the guess-work out of the screening process. Apli’s bot applies the knowledge from existing employees’ personalities, experience and skills to automatically screen and rank new candidates based on their predicted performance.


More AI-powered recruiting solutions for you

Candidate sourcing

Supercharge your candidate pipeline by engaging passive candidates through Facebook, Instagram and Google ads.

Recruiting bots

Custom bots automatically qualify leads and schedule interviews with the right recruiters.


Fast-track new employees with interactive content and improve the course with pulse surveys.


It is time

To consistently make data-backed recruiting decisions. Tell us about your hiring needs and discover how Apli can help you recruit great talent at scale.

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